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New: Hawa Concepta family with hinge with soft closing mechanism

Ultra-quiet sliding doors have always been around at Hawa. With hinged door soft closing mechanisms, the last possible sources of noise are now being attacked.

The soft closing mechanisms, which are invisibly integrated in the concealed hinge, enable the Hawa Concepta and Hawa Folding Concepta door packages to close comfortably and quietly. A drill-in damper is not required. The drill hole of the hinge has been offset slightly, and the sets also include new stop cover caps.

The Hawa Concepta family can be flexibly combined and assembled. This makes space miracles with flush-fitting, room-high constructions with up to four-door front panels possible. Doors can be opened by 90 degrees with a rotating movement and slid into a pocket as a single sliding door (Hawa Concepta) or pair of sliding doors (Hawa Folding Concepta 25).

Transforming rooms and elegant storage space solutions in commercial and private ambience stand out by having even more operating comfort and numerous design options. Available immediately without disruptive closing noise.

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