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Flexible kitchen design in an instant

Innovative ways of effortlessly keeping things tidy. Intelligent storage solutions for clearing up quickly. A clear, understated design with a uniform color scheme. These are the requirements of kitchen users according to a recent study carried out by market research institute K&A Brand Research*. Now, a new generation of hardware for wooden pivot and folding/slide-in doors is helping cabinet makers and joiners to implement these requirements for their customers in an uncomplicated way.


Pivoting, folding, sliding in

Be it as a Pull solution with a handle or as a handle-less Push solution, for composed cabinets or floor-to-ceiling solutions and walk-in solutions, inlaid or overlaid – the “Hawa Concepta III” pivot /slide-in hardware provides a wide range of variants which will be extended with the “Hawa Folding Concepta III” folding slide-in hardware for two-door, four-door and also three-door solutions without a separating wall during the course of this year.

Doors do not protrude into the room but are parked in a pocket at the side, therefore saving space. In this way, entire kitchens neatly disappear behind a uniformly designed and flush front in an instant – or kitchen functions which were previously concealed become fully available within seconds.

This patented solution flexibly changes the size and effect of the room in accordance with requirements. It makes the difference between having a closed kitchen or a kitchen that is open to the living area. And it creates the basis for developing kitchens into a multi-functional room by integrating a home office or utility room.


Quick installation – prompt adjustment

Whereas conventional pivot/slide-in hardware appears very complex, the “Hawa Concepta III” simplifies installation for the fabricator significantly. The high degree of pre-assembly reduces the amount of work as well as the number of needed tools. The three components and 14 screws can be installed quickly and intuitively.


Adjustment in four dimensions – the vertical positioning of the door, the setting of the vertical joint and the height and depth adjustment – takes place via the logically positioned and easily accessible adjustment points. Particularly here, the joiner benefits from the fact that input from users and also interior designers, planners and fabricator colleagues has flowed directly into the development of the “Hawa Concepta III”.

Not only cabinet makers and joiners benefit from this, but also their customers. Opening and closing with the “Hawa Concepta III” takes place without the use of force via a few touch points. Matthias Rothbrust from the “Hawa Concepta” innovation team is convinced: “Everyone will do this correctly right from the start”. Because the hardware thinks with you, and determines the movement. The ergonomic movement support provides even and smooth running. Magnets guide the doors into the pocket free of play. Thanks to the integrated soft closing mechanism, operation becomes an emotional experience, which makes the movement gentle and quiet.


Straight to the technical details

K&A Brand Research, Röthenbach, has supported brands with psychological market research for more than 35 years, allowing them to become successfully anchored in the relevant contexts. LifeCare.Network, the organizing institution of the internationally renowned and annually presented Kitchen Innovation Award consumer award, commissions the market research institute to carry out the annual trend research at regular intervals.

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