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Performance factor

Company sites are their calling cards. Not just for customers and neighbors. Also for employees and partners. They characterize the first impression that a company makes, and provide plenty of room for efficient use and ergonomic design of working spaces at the same time.

Sliding applications in office buildings

The first impression is usually the decisive one. This applies to both the private sphere and corporate life. The design of head offices is becoming more and more of a marked measure of image and identity.

Company-specific and highly functional sliding solutions are implemented both on the façade and inside the building. Be it the design of open space offices, meeting rooms, chill zones, cafeteria or reception areas – sliding technology provides the opportunity to support procedures and the variable use of valuable space in an optimum way.

Whereas spaciousness and representativeness are required on the one hand, the main focus is on cost-effectiveness and functionality on the other.

Regardless of the challenge, sliding solutions provide the right solution in the majority of cases.