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Therapy success

Healthcare is changing like never before. Nowadays, patients expect consistent quality – from medical treatment to the spatial experience which has a considerable influence on the success of therapy. At the same time, processes must become increasingly efficient.

Sliding applications in hospitals, doctor’s offices and therapy centers

Our sliding solutions must prove themselves in harsh everyday hospital life, and fulfil an extremely wide range of demands.

They must provide freedom from barriers, for example. This becomes possible by means of ergonomic door openings with sliding solutions, which are appreciated by wheelchair users and nurses moving hospital beds.

Sustainable and lasting products whose running costs are minimized by being low maintenance and having long service intervals help everyday processes to run smoothly.

The demand for a high degree of costeffectiveness is met by making efficient use of space. This makes it possible to have more patient and treatment rooms in a perfectly used layout.

Transparency and orientation are decisive as far as the image of a hospital is concerned. This is because a hospital must appear inviting and trustworthy.

The main focus is on people. Ones who are to remain or become healthy. And the people who are going to take care of this. Sliding applications support both of them.