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Construction in existing buildings

Conversion instead of demolition - the growing awareness of sustainability is leading to a more respectful approach to existing buildings. More and more often, old buildings are no longer simply torn down and replaced by new ones, but are carefully examined to determine whether a transformation is possible and makes sense.

There is a great chance that the quality of a new building can be developed from the existing building with a reduced use of resources, both in terms of function, technology and design. And this is usually much more cost-effective than would be possible with a demolition and new construction.

With the industry's rethinking of sustainability, the conversion of old buildings is becoming more and more commonplace. In the future, architects and builders will already include a later conversion for other uses in the building design. Flexibility of use is thus becoming a program, which extends the service life of buildings.

Reinventing a Building

A conversion that respects the existing structure—a former school for nurses becomes open and spacious apartments.

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Hawa Student Award 2023

In the Young Talent Award for students of architecture, ideas are sought for the conversion of an office building into a residential complex.

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