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Magic out of your (wall) pocket

The HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket sliding door system works wonders – even economic ones. For instance, it marks the beginning of STOKK GmbH’s history as a company.

Spring 2019 Following investment of 30 million euros, the fivestar Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise on Lake Garda began operations. Doors with the HAWA Junior and HAWA Purolino sliding door fittings bring convenience to the rooms. To accomplish this, a recently founded company participated: STOKK GmbH based in Goldrain, Italy. Five partners founded it in October 2018. CEO Roman Koch in his own words.

Mr. Koch, what inspired you to establish a door systems company?
We were trying to find a wall insert pocket for a full glass door. However we were not able to realize our plans with the standard products available on the market. We had to redesign the entire element from the ground up in order to mount all connecting parts precisely. The biggest challenge was the ceiling-mounted track system. Here, we had to ensure that the running track could be removed at any time. That’s how we noticed the HAWA Junior Pocket system. It has all the characteristics we need. At that moment, our company was born.

What are the advantages of wall pockets?
The biggest advantage that wall pockets have over front-running sliding doors is that one has full use of the entire wall on both sides. This gives you extra room. When the door is open, the door leaf disappears in the insert pocket. This promotes openness in living spaces. Although this requires that the installed element have similar qualities as the rest of the wall. For example, this means that the power connections and water lines also run in the wall pocket and any type of plaster can be used as cladding. As such, it must be possible to arrange a table or a wardrobe against a wall pocket. With regard to the door size, there can be no restrictions for us and our customers.

Are sliding doors with wall pockets trendy right now?
Of course. Sliding doors are seeing a dramatic rise in popularity, primarily in the hotel industry and industrial buildings. According to estimates, sliding doors make up just 4 to 6 percent of all interior doors. We expect this share to see massive growth in the coming years. Sliding doors with wall pockets make it possible to make use of the full floor plan, especially in compact spaces. This can help to meet legal requirements for barrier-free access.

What sliding doors do you use for your individual wall pocket solutions?
We usually use the HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket since it is sufficient for wooden doors up to 80 kilos. To date, our largest wooden door leaf had clearance of 185 centimeters and a height of 250 centimeters. The wall element was 390 centimeters in width. There we used the HAWA Junior 120. We were impressed by the installation and running performance offered by the sliding solutions from Hawa Sliding Solutions. The roller does not get soiled, making the fittings very easy to maintain. We always insist on the highest quality. That’s why we exclusively work with systems from Hawa Sliding Solutions. The company has perfected the heart and soul of any sliding door – the retainer profile and running track.

Easy installation

The retainer profile of the HAWA Junior 40/80/120 comes pre-mounted. The running track can be used with the door leaf using rattle-proof bayonet locks.

More options in the set

With the assembly set, even doors made of wood and glass up to 120 kilos are child’s play.

Easy maintenance

The running track can also be removed any time after installation. All components remain accessible and expandable.

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