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The fitting that just keeps on rolling

The Hawa Junior is the evergreen among fittings. It has been rolling along the tracks since 1982. It is as easy to fit as it is to slide. And since the new Hawa Junior 80 B Pocket sliding fitting made an appearance in 2017, this has also applied to wall pockets.

The first guests arrive, and the party in the lounge can start. Just one detail is missing: Quickly push the sliding door into the wall pocket, and the view of the lavish dinner buffet is revealed.

The Hawa Junior sliding door fitting allows you to make flexible use of rooms. It never stops, not even in the factory. That’s because the tinkerers at Hawa Sliding Solutions never stop and carry on developing it – which has been going on since the first Hawa Junior left the workshop about 35 years ago.

The Hawa Junior 80 B Pocket, which moves door weighing up to 80 kilograms, is extremely practical. The name says it all. Pocket stands for the wall pocket in which the sliding door is stored away. The Hawa Junior is also maintenance-free. But what if you want to replace accessories in the running track or make additions?

Invisible, yet accessible
This was a tricky affair in the past. Since the wall pocket was fixed, it was difficult to access the running track. Nowadays, all you have to do is install a pre-assembled retainer profile when the wall pocket is being constructed. Then the running track can be inserted or removed at any time using rattle-proof bayonet locks. All of the components remain freely accessible.

In everyday life the Hawa Junior 80 B Pocket provides ease of operation: The door slides into the wall pocket extremely smoothly. It is also visually impressive – all of the fittings remain invisible. This is beneficial when the living room is converted into a party lounge.

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