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Residence of the German Embassy

Functional, sustainable and adapted to regional conditions: the residence of the German Embassy in Tajikistan, designed by architect André Janka and constructed on behalf of the German construction authority Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, is considered a reference for progressive construction far beyond regional boundaries.

The initial situation facing architect André Janka of Berlin, who was appointed to design the German embassy in Tajikistan some 4,500 kilometers away, was anything but easy. He was, after all, expected to unite aspects such as security, esthetic appeal and sustainability under a single roof in an awakening country characterized by extreme weather conditions. Today, Germany's embassy is elegantly integrated in park-like grounds planted with tall trees. The cuboid building is an insulated construction built with materials that meet German standards. Reflective of quality and esthetic appeal: the ten story-high sliding wood elements that serve as sun screens for the balcony and terrace on the east face of the building.

The sliding shutters are exposed to extreme weather conditions: cold winters and hot summers with violent sandstorms. Following a year-long test phase with sample hardware, a total of 4 sliding systems with 2 or 3 leaves and equipped with Hawa Frontslide 60 matic hardware were installed on the ground floor and top floor. They are operated by push-button controls inside the building and can be moved into any position.

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Architekturbüro André Janka
Neue Blumenstrasse 24
10179 Berlin, Germany
Duschanbe, Tadschikistan
Torsten Seidel, Berlin