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Hawa Frontslide Matic – 
the first sliding shutter with SMI interface. 

Sliding shutters set exciting accents on buildings that are visible at first glance, make a valuable contribution to your energy balance and provide unbeatable flexibility between outdoors and indoors. And they are now making smarter use of these advantages than ever before. Because with the Hawa Frontslide Matic and its innovative Standard Motor Interface (SMI), external shutters can now be integrated into the building control, meaning that owners, residents and facility management automatically benefit from having greater comfort and efficiency.

It is well known that sliding shutters can significantly influence the appearance of buildings and effectively express their architectural character. But their functional advantages are often underestimated. Without interfering with the building envelope, they provide individual daylight use, economical shading and temperature control which flexibly adapts to the position of the sun, and privacy protection that efficiently adapts to requirements. In this way, they optimize both the quality of life in residential situations and performance capability at the workplace. And with the Hawa Frontslide Matic, you can also now apply all of these qualities in a completely automatic way.

Building intelligence reaches the façades

As the world’s first sliding shutter system, Hawa Frontslide Matic seamlessly integrates an extremely quiet, maintenance-free electric drive into the building automation via an SMI interface. This makes high-precision, individual control of up to 16 drives per actuator possible. This allows the shutters to be moved individually or together using simple standard commands and be positioned exactly. But that’s not all: integration into the most popular field bus systems also allows sensors to be integrated into the system which register lighting or wind situations, for example. In this way, the building can independently react to defined external conditions at any time with effective sliding shutter movements. This can relieve the strain on both heating and air conditioning systems, and makes a significant contribution to the comfort and well-being of the users and residents of a building.

An automatic solution to every requirement

Be it wood, metal or plastic shutters, small or large areas or symmetrical or telescopic movements: The Hawa Frontslide Matic sliding hardware system makes every wish come true. With the quietest drive in its category, it moves shutters weighing up to 140 kg both discreetly and efficiently. And it is not only maintenance-free, but also tireless: It has been tested for 100,000 cycles and, with its high wind and corrosion resistance, can never be thrown off track, even in demanding climatic conditions.

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