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Hawa Suono – The soundproof sliding solution

The revolutionary Hawa Suono sliding door fitting combines the advantages of sliding solutions (less space required, appealing appearance, freedom from barriers) with soundproofing of up to 39 dB.

The new Hawa Suono sliding door fitting with the patented 3D movement provides effective acoustic separation of adjacent rooms, and opens up new perspectives for the use of sliding doors. Thanks to the good soundproofing values, sliding solutions can now also be realized in doctor’s surgeries and lawyer’s offices, toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms, and last but not least in kitchens. Because the new system does not just reduce noise but it also shuts out odors, dust, light and draughts and separates different temperature zones without problems. In combination with suitable door components, the Hawa Suono provides functional and visually appealing solutions for many architectural challenges in both new buildings and renovation projects.

Innovative technology
The heart of the Hawa Suono is its innovative technology: The running track is designed such that the doors are simultaneously moved downwards and to the side when they are closed. The door leaf with rubber profiles is pressed tightly against the door frame in its end position by means of this patented 3D movement. Thanks to this technical finesse, the system does not require an end post.

With regard to soundproofing, sliding doors equipped with Hawa Suono are clearly superior to conventional hinged doors within a residential or office unit. Whereas these doors seldom exceed a soundproofing value of 25 decibels, sliding doors equipped with Hawa Suono provide soundproofing of up to 39 decibels.

Certified overall system
The Hawa Suono sliding door system is designed for interior doors weighing up to 100 kg. In order to be able to guarantee soundproofing of up to 39 decibels, the Hawa Suono is sold with specially coordinated door leaves and frames in the form of a certified overall system via selected door specialists.

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