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New sliding hardware system with a unique performance guarantee

Quality creates trust. A performance guarantee provides security – with the new Hawa Junior sliding door hardware for wooden doors up to 100 kg, there is a guaranteed quality up to a service life of 15 years; this is unique.

Hawa Sliding Solutions are thus making it easy for everyone involved in the construction process to decide in favor of the new member of the Hawa hardware family – just as easy as opening and moving the heavy doors themselves.

The Hawa promise guarantees consistent comfort and effortless opening for many years to come. This means that Hawa Junior 100 with the SoftMove soft closing system meets all requirements, standards, and demands for profitability in the long term.


A new level of convenience
With a new sliding door hardware for heavy wooden doors weighing up to 100 kg, Hawa Sliding Solutions is completing its Junior family, which has been tried and tested a million times over. With its integrated, innovative SoftMove magnetic soft closing system, heavy sliding doors can be operated easily, reliably and safely with little effort thanks to the very low operating forces. Hawa Junior 100 sliding doors thus achieve a never before seen level of convenience that can be experienced instantly.

Sliding quality is quality of life 
Hawa Junior 100 sliding doors are equipped with the latest magnetic soft closing system and comfort rollers with precision ball bearings. They are extremely convenient to operate with very little effort of no more than 22 N. The new system meets the relevant DIN standard for accessibility. The doors slide with the top of the line running characteristics known from the Hawa Junior family and, depending on the customer’s requirements, they are gently braked on one or two sides in the end position and closed almost completely silently. The soft closing mechanism is also available for narrow doors from 650 mm on one side and for doors from 800 mm on both sides.

With these outstanding features, interior fitters and woodworkers can easily tap into new customer segments. More and more people are proactively investing in more comfort not only for their current, but also for a later phase of their life. The full accessibility of sliding doors fits well into that picture and has become an important argument in sales discussions. When using Hawa Junior 100 hardware technology with soft closing mechanism, thanks to the convenient equipment, users of this weight class can now also enjoy full comfort. That is because the standardized sliding door hardware opens up completely new perspectives for users with reduced physical strength and capabilities.

Design for the highest standards
A simple, reduced visual appearance with technology that is invisibly integrated into the running track leaves plenty of room for creativity and the realization of high design standards. With the innovative sliding hardware system, various installation options can be implemented, from discreet ceiling integration to wall mounting and pocket constructions. High-quality materials easily meet even the highest demands. Sliding doors with Hawa Junior 100 fit into any ambience.

Unique performance guarantee
For the Hawa Junior 100 with a soft closing system, Hawa Sliding Solutions offers a 15-year performance guarantee for private use, and 7 years for commercial use, with incomparably low opening forces of a maximum of 22 N. Hawa Sliding Solutions thus guarantees that the performance of this sliding hardware will not decrease over the course of many years, even with intensive use. This means that it meets the requirements for cost security and profitability in the long term.

Comfort, top design, flexibility in use and the highest quality make this hardware system another worthy performer in the family that has been successful around the world for almost 40 years.

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