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Slide #4 - Creating New Values 


During the construction process, the focus is often on the financial value of buildings. But this is short-sighted since architecture can shape our everyday lives and have a major impact on society and the environment—both during construction and long after it is finished. When these perspectives are considered, it becomes clear that there are many different dimensions in which buildings represent value. This view is increasingly present in discussions among architects. This is due in no small part to the sustainability debate, which has changed the way we think about buildings in recent decades.

In this issue of Slide magazine, you will learn more about the values currently motivating architecture and us. You will read about an architecture firm in the U.S. that puts listening first; we will take you along for the planning process for a barrier-free apartment in Switzerland; you will learn how urban planning in Singapore is responding to an aging population; and we will show you how a former school for nurses in Norway is being turned into modern apartments.

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